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Sung Im received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Georgia. He first started at the CDC in early 2012 with the PulseNet Database Team (which is under the Enteric Diseases Laboratory Branch [EDLB]), curating the National PFGE databases for Salmonella and E. coli and identifying emerging outbreaks.

Sung became interested in bioInformatics after attending a talk given by Dr. King Jordan at CDC in 2013. That was also the time when EDLB started shifting towards adopting WGS technologies to enhance their surveillance activities. Later on, Sung started his graduate study in Bioinformatics and graduated from the MS Bioinformatics program at Georgia Tech in 2015. Meanwhile, he continued working at the CDC as a bioinformatics scientist, investigating and integrating bioinformatics tools into the PulseNet workflows. In Fall of 2016, Sung returned to Georgia Tech and moved forward to pursuit for a PhD degree in Bioinformatics.

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